adventure days & activity breaks

This is a great way to spend a stress busting day, week end or short break in wonderful outdoor surroundings at your doorstep. In our hectic lives our family adventure days & activity breaks are the perfect way to spend quality time with your kids, friends or extended family – in our unique location on the water, crag or hill . Or go ahead and arrange an away day with some friends who are “up for it” in the outdoors

If you are considering an outdoor activity based adventure day out, a short  activity break or a longer holiday with  family,  group of friends or  another group then join us for a half day, full day session or a 2-5 day holiday  for pure  enjoyment, experience  and exploration of our great outdoors.

We actively encourage all ages to try our activities from the age of 8 years  so all the family & friends can take part in our adventure activities. Please  mention the age of your children on booking so that you can rest assured that everyone is well catered for, comfortable and looked after. You can then enjoy  stunning Scottish scenery from places that wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of a paddle, wetsuit, sail, bike or a pair of strong boots!

Throughout the seasons the  activities on offer do vary for our adventure days and and activity breaks – often depending on the weather. Our adventure activities which are available are  : |open canoeing   •     kayaking  on rivers, sea or loch   •     ben nevis days    •   mountain walking days     •   rock climbing &  abseiling    •    dinghy sailing    •       mountain biking     •      fishing

By far we provide more of our  popular  “Family Adventure Day Tickets” (2 adults & 2 children) during the main holiday periods. We also have available great value larger  ” Group Adventure Day Tickets” for adults or Juniors.  

activity breaks

activity weekend breaks & 3-5 day activity holidays for families, groups of friends, individuals & young people

Many folks aspire to “have a go” at various adventure sports – before committing themselves to buying expensive gear and equipment, or paying to attend a longer course. These are ideal days to teach you the basic skills to get a feel for your chosen activity in safe, controlled environment. The laughs, chat, craik and fun come free! This is a great way to spend a stress busting weekend or short break in wonderful outdoor surroundings at your doorstep. In our hectic lives quality time spent with family, kids & friends becomes very precious. We have become increasingly aware of how important this experience is for us all.

Our activity weekends & holiday courses are all adventure skills based with the chance to learn how to climb mountains & crags, kayak or canoe rivers & lochs or explore our wonderful coastline with friends, family, as an individual, or as part of a group.

adventure days on the hills & crags

Getting out on to the mountains and crags is an ideal way to wind down after a busy week. If you have never put your boots on a mountain – still less been to the top a mountain before, and nervous of heading out on your own then this could be a major change to how you view mountain environments. Our guided Ben Nevis Days are great way to ascend the highest mountain in the UK along with family or a group of friends

adventure days on the water

Scotland is a truly amazing place to be outdoors on the water in so many ways  if you just want to give  canoeing, kayaking or dinghy sailing a try. If you are already into some water sports  there are many opportunities here at Snowgoose Mountain Centre to do just that. We run skills based sessions for half and full days throughout the year (almost!) paddling a variety of different stretches of water from sheltered, gentle lochs, with lots of islands to discover, easy rivers and fantastic, sheltered coastal stretches plus white water rivers.