Booking Terms & Conditions

Snowgoose  Mountain Centre:  Outdoor Activities; Courses; Guiding; Equipment Hire  

Snowgoose Apartments; The Smiddy Bunkhouse; Blacksmiths Hostel

We suggest that you take a little time to read these generic Booking Terms & Conditions prior to booking with us. These booking conditions apply to booking our accommodation, activity instruction, private guiding and all forms of equipment hire. These notes will form part of your booking contract with us and are binds you and us into this in various ways. We also want to ensure that that you – and others – fully enjoy your stay with us – and come back again. This is for the convenience, safety and enjoyment of all our clients – which are our prime concerns.

Specific terms or conditions may apply to bookings for accommodation, activity courses, guiding or outdoor equipment hire.

PRICES: All prices are in £ Sterling and include Vat at the current rate but this may be varied at any time. If payment is made in an overseas currency, we reserve the right pass on any bank charges or other charges.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Our preferred method of payment- this is the cheapest and most efficient method of payment is by online banking- banking details provided. We reserve the right to add credit card processing charges to the overall fees – debit card payments are free.

BOOKINGS & DEPOSITS: To make a booking please return your completed Booking Form by post or e-mail with your 30% deposit if you are booking more than 4 weeks in advance. Otherwise please make a payment of the full balance by cheque or online from our web site. Sometimes a booking does come in later than 4 weeks prior to arrival. Where this applies to a group booking we are happy to accept a 50% deposit – provided that the balance is paid by an agreed date prior to your arrival. This will always be at our discretion.

CONFIRMATIONS: Your booking will not be confirmed until we receive at least your 30% deposit plus a booking form. Once you have returned your booking form to us and paid the non-refundable deposit you will have entered in to a binding legal agreement. On receipt of your deposit you will be sent a Booking Confirmation / Invoice, confirming the dates, prices, number of people booking and the accommodation or activity you have reserved.

NUMBERS IN YOUR PARTY: The numbers in your party must be stated at the time of your booking. In the accommodation numbers must not exceed the number of people booked for or the number of beds in the accommodation

CANCELLATIONS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  If you cancel your booking in writing more than 4 weeks before your holiday start date the 30 % deposit will be forfeit on all units booked. Your 30% deposit is non-refundable. Unless you inform us in writing of any problems with your booking more than 4 weeks before your holiday start date the person responsible for the booking will still be liable for the full balance. Snowgoose Mountain Centre, Snowgoose Apartments, The Smiddy Bunkhouse & Blacksmiths Hostel can take no responsibility or accept cancellations if part of your group decides: – a) they don’t want to come b) they can’t afford to come! c) They don’t like the look of the weather, no snow, too much snow, too wet, not enough water in the rivers, ice conditions not quite right! d) their boss will not give them time off work; e) or they decide to go paddling/climbing in Nepal instead!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Change of Booking Details: If you change your booking / reduce the numbers within the 4-week period an administration cancellation fee of £30 per unit booked / cancelled will be charged.

PAYING THE BALENCE: This is payable 4 weeks before your holiday, activity, course or hire arrival date. You will be sent a reminder if your balance has not been paid 28 days prior to your visit. If yours is a group booking, we do understand the problems of collecting money from a widely dispersed group of people. We are happy to discuss variations on payment dates subject to agreed guidelines.

LATE PAYMENTS: In the event of non or late payment we reserve the right to offer the booking for equipment hires, accommodation, courses or guiding elsewhere without notice. Please remember, if you make a booking on behalf of other people, you are legally responsible for the payment of the balance. The date when this balance is due will be on your Booking Confirmation / Invoice.

INSURANCE: It is recommended that, especially if you are making a booking on behalf of others, that you take out your own cancellation Insurance. You may have to pay for a holiday, which you cannot take – through no fault of your own!

GROUP OR MULTIPLE BOOKINGS: This applies where one person is responsible for a larger group booking for activities or gear hire or one or more units of accommodation at one time. In the light of past experience, we know how hard it is to get people together. We try very hard to avoid hassle or pressure from our end, especially when it is probably you as group leader who is being let down! However, you are personally responsible for all payments once a confirmed booking has been made. Please make everyone in your group / party individually aware of this. If one or more units of a multiple booking are cancelled, the deposit payment/s for the cancelled unit will not be deducted from the total balance for the other units.

RESPONSIBILITY: if you are booking on behalf of other folks whether this is for accommodation, a course, activity day or gear hire it is your responsibility to make others in your party individually aware of all information regarding the booking.

AVAILABILITY: Please e-mail or telephone us before sending off a booking form and deposit, to make sure we have vacancies for your visit dates. We are happy to keep a provisional telephone booking for 7 days only pending the arrival of your deposit. If there is a problem, please contact us on 01397 772467.

John & Tina Cuthbertson

January 2016